21 June 2008

Snowy Plovers Hatching!

I took Michelle on a brief tour of Perdido Key today. We didn't actually go on the beach due to the weather and lack of time (because of the Kemp's nest -- yeah!) but we did get to see this snowy plover (Charadrius alexandrinus) nest while it was hatching!

If you look closely at his picture, you can see a little beak poking out of the egg shell. The chick was just pipping, using his or her egg tooth to break free. It must be nice to have that first breath of fresh air!

Both Mom and Dad were vigilant.

This little one could run a bit, but hid only two to three inches from the nest. Maybe he thinks we can't see him if he can't see us. They are just too cute!

We only stayed long enough to check on the nest and take a few pics. The signs are still up, leaving the area closed to visitors until the chicks are able to run around a bit more. We'll take them down next time we visit Perdido Key.

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International Coastal Clean-Up!

The 2008 Coastal Clean-Up on Santa Rosa Island was a great success, but we can work together to make everyday a Coastal Clean-up Day... Help us keep our beaches beautiful!

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Hello World!
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