15 June 2008

Lazy Sunday

Thunderstorms at midnight rang in a very bright morning on this Father's Day. For me, it was a lazy day. Wiley the Wonder Dog agrees -- he seems to love the sun!

The garden is really taking off in the Florida heat.

The basil and arugula are both growing fast!

A snake shed his skin by the water lilies. Wish I knew how to id species by their sheds, but I have no idea. I admit, I am a little afraid of snakes...

Lisa's spider lilies looked gorgeous in the mid-afternoon sun.

Just small things that remind me of how good life is in the Florida summer.

It really brings new meaning to the word 'serenity'. With a job like mine and a comfy home, my life is like a meditation. I am truly blessed.


Anonymous said...

Love your playlist !!

Jeremy K. said...

Hey, can I take some cuttings from your garden to start ours?

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