26 June 2008

Sea Turtles Made of Sand

I didn't take my new camera out today. I'm a little protective of it and it looked like rain, so these are from my old Canon PowerShot, but they're still lovely.

I'm starting to think there won't be a turtle nest anytime I see a sand turtle on the beach. I wonder if it's a self-fulfilling prophecy...

Of course, there were Gators there too. I wonder if people would be upset if I made a big Georgia BullDawg next to the Florida Gator.

We spent a little time at Fort Pickens today too. Our new SCA intern, Michelle, is still learning her way around, so I showed her the Captain's house, the place where we're supposed to live,

and the Museum, which is back in place and having a new porch installed. We didn't like Ivan's renovation ideas, so we're slowly restoring all the buildings.

The Fort itself is still in pretty good shape.

If you consider how many hurricanes this fort has been through, it's amazing that it's still standing strong!

Even the arches

and stairways still look good...

But my favorite place is still the wetlands at the Fort Entrance.


Seadog said...

That would be really neat to live out at Ft. Pickens

Turtle Girl said...

I agree. Maybe next year, if the weather stays nice :)

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