17 July 2008

Look Who's Back

I received a call from Law Enforcement Ranger, Melissa, about a turtle on the beach. Melissa was trying to keep the turtle safe until I got there to take a look at it.

You'll never guess who it was...

Loco looked a little apologetic as I examined s/him to be sure that no ocean meanies had been nibbling on the small loggerhead.

I handed him to the concerned beach visitor who had called the park while I got some of my 'turtle stuff' together. Loco seemed to wave away the paparazzi.

Several beach combers, kayakers, surfers and fishermen have reported seeing the little loggerhead.

I'm happy to report the turtle looks healthy and happy! We're hopeful the turtle will continue to learn, grow and thrive.

Thanks for keeping an eye out for s/him -- I know this turtle has touched everyone who has met s/him, and that's the best sea turtle advocate we could ever have. We should start to see lots of the wee ones within the week!

1 comment:

Green Gal said...

Little thing just can't get enough of us. =)

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