28 July 2008

Loco Boomerang the Loggerhead... YYN 568

Loco the loggerhead has earned a new name -- Boomerang -- since he keeps swimming back to the beach.

The little TED turtle has been taken even farther offshore, ten miles south of Pensacola Pass. Hopefully, he'll learn to feed and grow on his own there. If not, we'll likely take him for continued training at the Galveston NMFS lab.

Amanda and her colleagues at the Gulfarium worked hard to keep their distance from the turtle and help him adjust to life without humans. They fed him live food, while trying to stay out of sight.

We each took a turn saying goodbye, again. Sally looked happy to see him go!

Even the Coast Guard crew, lead by Petty Officer Donovan, each took a turn with Loco Boomerang. He seemed to behave much better for them -- I wonder why?

If Loco/Boomerang is a female, we do hope to see her in 20 years as a nesting adult... Otherwise, I hope the turtle grows large and strong out there on the deep sea currents.


Barrier Island Girl said...

Thanks for sharing the photos, Kirsten! I hope little Loco discovers life in the Gulf of Mexico more to her/his liking this time!

Brandy Peacock said...

Wow, I really wish I could do that for a living! I just ran across your blog and I love reading what good things you guys do for the turtles here!

Brandy Peacock said...

I wish I could have a job like this!! I love what you guys do for these animals. It breaks my heart that they are endangered or close to it. These little guys need all the help they can get. You all are awesome for looking out for them, keep up the fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Hope Loco goes out to sea now!

P.S. Those Coast Guard boys are cuties!

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