17 July 2008

Fort Pickens Pics

The day dawned bright and clear, with a cooling north wind. That wouldn't last -- by noon, it was 98!

I spent the morning on PIPL (piping plover, or Charadrius melodus) surveys on the north shore of Fort Pickens. I didn't find any piping plovers, but I did see a beautiful American avocet (Recurvirostra americana).

If you click the picture, you'll see why the Latin name is "Recurvirostra", as it has an elegant upward tilt on it's long bill.

Usually, I see them in groups of 6 or so, but this one seemed to be a loner. I didn't get a photo of my other 'good' bird, a marbled godwit, as it was too skittish and flew away when it heard my ATV. Oh well.

I stopped by the Fort for a bit on the way back to the south shore. The buildings are looking pretty sharp!

There were lots of lovely flowers in the marsh at the Fort Pickens gate.

The marsh seems to support a vibrant wildflower community.

I know, too many pics of the same thing :)

Lantanas were in full bloom as well.

This little guy must think I can't see him if he can't see me...

The adult least terns Sternula antillarum in the area were a dead give-away... In all, it was a gorgeous morning!


Anonymous said...

This is informative, beautiful and just plain awesome! I love sea turtles and love reading and gaining knowledge about them. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!! Thank you for your work and sharing these pictures of life and nature with a helping hand. Keep up the great job.

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