01 October 2008

Opal Beach Birds -- There's More than Just a Flamingo!

The day dawned bright, clear and chilly for the biologists of Gulf Islands National Seashore. It was time for a bird survey on the south shore of the Santa Rosa area today.

There were the usual suspects -- sanderlings, willets, laughing gulls, and brown pelicans.

I had to peek at the north shore as well, to see how morning was going on the marsh.

The little blue herons and reddish egrets were together in one large flock,

though they did separate out.

Check out this feeding posture!

There were lots of piping plovers as well, hanging out about a mile east of Opal Beach. Yes, the flamingo was still there as well.

This is winter habitat for them, and the marshes are a great food source.

Sometimes, I think they come with just a little too much jewelry though.

That yellow flag has to hurt!

1 comment:

kjpweb said...

Gorgeous shot5s - and I'm always happy to see reddish Egrets, since I rarely get to see 'em!
Cheers, Klaus

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