28 October 2008

Shore Birds Seek Shelter!

Today was a very cold day for North West Florida in late October... It was only 41 degrees when I arrived at the fire cache, and there's a freeze warning tonight for inland counties. Unheard of!

I had to really search for the birdies today. They were all seeking whatever windbreak they could from the harsh north wind, like this juvenile ring-billed gull.

These gulls and terns liked the jetty.

The snowy egret did as well...

There were others hiding from the wind over the berm, but I didn't get many photos - my hands were too numb. I did catch this juvenile Herring gull eating a lunch left by a kind fisherman.

I am definitely a warm weather girl... I know, I went overboard with the snowy egret. I couldn't decide on the best photo, and it was nearly all I took pics of today. It was that cold.

It was still beautiful at Pensacola Pass, and it might have been a tad toastier were I in the water instead of driving an ATV!

1 comment:

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Pensacola pass: I'll have to check that out on the map to see where it is at. It was still nice today, but in days humid air will be funneling up ... at least for us.

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