30 September 2008

Another Gorgeous Day on Santa Rosa Island

How can you complain with a job like mine? The day started bright and early with a stunning Perdido Key sunrise.

The surf was calm and soothing.

Then, it was off for a bird survey, with a few Willets (WILL) escorting me down the length of the island as I kept spooking them with the ATV -- a necessary evil. Sorry!

The sanderlings (SAND) had a few ruffled feathers as well, but not from me. Maybe the flies were annoying them too.

There were not many species on the south shore today, but one Ruddy Turnstone (rutu in bird lingo) made my day.

I parked the ATV, and he kept creeping closer and closer.

Maybe the bird confused me for one of the new large pieces of driftwood that floated in after Ike.

How's this for size?

As beautifully aged, hollowed, and weathered as it is, I don't think anyone will be carting it home as a souvenir, which means it will stay on the beach for all to enjoy.

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

Amazing sunset photo: I think I see the "green flash!"

Two questions: (1) Have you ever seen a green flash? I saw one once, but I think it was my sunglasses, so it probably doesn't count, not to mention I was probably "trying" to see one.

(2) Are you having "especially" high tides up your way? We're getting our equinoxal tides down here in Naples. It's a complicated tidal pattern down here: we get a double hump, one low and one high ... but not always. It's confusing.

Great post and great photos.

International Coastal Clean-Up!

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