10 October 2008

PIPLs, SNPLs, WIPLs, et al.

Yes, it was another bird survey day. We have a lot of those in the winter, and yes, for a sea turtle girl, this is officially winter. Once that thermometer hits 80 degrees, it's time for a parka (if you don't believe me, just ask my co-workers...)

A lot of these will seem redundant, but it's time for 'peep' lessons. For today, it's just the following:

SAND (sanderlings)

WIPL (Wilson's plover)

PIPL (piping plover)

SNPL (snowy plover)

with some WILL (willets)

BRPE (brown pelicans)

and GBHE (great blue herons), thrown in for good measure....

Now let's try that again...

Can you tell what's in here? There are just two species...

Here, we have three... It helps to click to see them better, and pay close attention to leg color and their beaks!

I'll try to photograph a north shore survey soon so we can add some to the cast of characters in the park :)


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Send some of that cold air down here! In south Florida, you know you in a "cold snap" if it the daytime high stays below 70 degrees. But your right, staying below the 80 degree mark is also significant: especially if its sunny.

Tootie said...

Wow, I just happened to find your blog and got a lesson on the different kinds of plovers. :-) Very interesting. I live on Sanibel Island, FL and have seen the snowy plovers but doubt I would have been able to tell one plover from another.

I do volunteer turtle walks for the SCCF here and love doing it.

Loved all your photos!

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