03 October 2008

Sunrise in the Sea Oats

Again with the sunrise, I know. The only thing missing in my morning ritual lately is a steaming mug of green tea. If only I could figure out how to keep some hot til I drove all the way to PK. With the chill in the air, it would definitely make sunrise a perfect moment.

I never know if I should include disturbing photos like I took today of a stranded Kemp's ridley, so I'm leaving it out for now. It was a sad sight on the east tip of the island, but it's a part of life. It's really sad to lose an adult, knowing how many obstacles they have overcome to reach maturity. To lose an adult Kemp's is sadder still as the species huddles on the brink of extinction. It makes me very happy to know we were able to release over 500 Kemp's hatchlings this summer!

The ruddy turnstones seem to follow my every turn lately. I'm not quite sure what that means, but it's lovely to see them!

Of course, the semi-palmated plovers are back in town as well. Both birds make me think of men in tuxedos for some reason. They just look all dressed up!

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International Coastal Clean-Up!

The 2008 Coastal Clean-Up on Santa Rosa Island was a great success, but we can work together to make everyday a Coastal Clean-up Day... Help us keep our beaches beautiful!

For details on the 2009 coastal clean-up efforts in Pensacola or in your area, or other ways you can help, click here.

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Hello World!
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