01 September 2008

Pre-Gustav at Perdido Key

We had one nest that coned Sunday morning on Perdido Key. I was worried that the turtles emerge in the tropical storm conditions we expected to arrive overnight. or drown in their nest, so I was happy to see them ready to go just before sunset. Sometimes they don't wait for darkness in rainy, cloudy weather, and we certainly had that with Gustav's outer rainbands passing through all day!

All 88 were ready to go! They even seemed to be hugging each other goodbye as they prepared to part ways in the Gulf of Mexico.

This white spider was in the egg chamber -- I've never seen that before! I would remember since I have a pathological fear of the critters...

The surf was a little high, but no where near as bad as it is today, so we decided the allow the turtles to try to swim...

At first, they seemed a bit reluctant...

Til a trail blazer lead the way

and they joined in a game of follow-the-leader...

You can almost hear the cadence: left, left, left, right, left.

Some of them were flipped upside down,

'til a kind volunteer set them right-side-up.

That first wave introduces them to an entire new world.

They sure seemed determined!

It must be quite a first day for the tiny tottering turtles!

Eventually, I had to put my camera away as rain bands started to run through the area.

It was probably for the best -- the weather was giving me a kind hint to move inside! It was pretty calm still, but the radar was impressively red!


Joy said...

Oh Kirsten, you have the best job ever! I'm so happy that there are passionate people like you out there to look out for those precious "babies" :0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this nice Story and the explanation about the Turtles.
Makes me feel good to see, that there are People who still care for Mother Nature and her Creatures.:)

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