24 September 2008

Green Sea Turtle Hatchlings!

Our lone green sea turtle nest was overdue for assessment last night, so I headed to the beach in the early evening for the tortuous count.

I knew there were 165 eggs and only about 50 hatchlings so far -- I didn't want to find a bunch of embryos that didn't make it.

I ended up stopping the assessment almost immediately after digging into the nest, as this little live pipped turtle lifted it's head to greet the fading sunlight.

This little guy was just under the surface of the sand as well, and raring to go for a swim.

You can still see his egg-tooth, that he, or she, used to help break out of the shell. Other than that, he seemed completely ready to go!

He, or she, just needed some directions to the sea. I don't know why he's looking to me for advice - I can get lost in a paper bag!

Sometimes, nests don't hatch the way we expect, all in one giant wave. This nest seems to have small groups emerging every few days.

When we do find just one or two on an assessment (or an attempted assessment) we may let them go while there is still some light, so I was able to get a few good photos.

Check out the size of this hatchlings shadow... It's overwhelming next to the toddling turtle!

Here comes the watery world!

Watch that power stroke into the mighty Gulf of Mexico...

They are even more beautiful after being washed by their first wave (you have to click on the photo to enlarge it to really appreciate how stunning they are).

Aren't they just adorable?

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