01 September 2008

Pensacola Beach and Gustav

I didn't spend much time on the beach today. Somehow, my five foot three, hundred pound frame doesn't stand up well in the TS force winds...

I did, however, check on all of our Pensacola Beach nests. The above, PB 7111, was moved to the sand fence yesterday. The sand fence didn't do too well, but we're hopeful the nest will survive it's early introduction to the Gulf.

All were well washed.

Some had several feet of sand over them...

I was unable to check nests on Santa Rosa and Fort Pickens as the roads were impassable and Fort Pickens has breached. That's probably a good thing as there are still rainbands and tornado warnings...

Can you tell I'm a little over-protective of my turtles? My future kids are going to hate me!


kjpweb said...

:) Over protective are we? Well that's quite ok by me. Good that Gustav didn't pan out to be the monster we were afraid of - so everyone should be well!
Cheers, Klaus

Lisa said...

I have been lurking on your site for awhile and just wanted to say thaty I LOVE how protective you are! And I really appreciate your willingness to share your adventures with everyone. Just wanted to say thanx

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