19 August 2008

WEAR at Sea Turtle Release

For those of you who are interested, you can see some of the Kemp's release on the WEAR TV website:

Kemp's ridley hatchling release

They did a really nice job, even if they did call them "Kempys" instead of Kemp's, or ridleys. It's kind of a cute nickname though, isn't it? Love the little boy scooting down the beach while watching the Kemp's get to the Gulf!

The Pensacola News Journal wrote a little piece as well, and posted video on their website:

Pensacola News Journal Photos and Video

It was nice to see so much interest in the sea turtles in the Gulf Islands National Seashore. I just hope there are even more sea turtles next year!

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PJ said...

I got your email -- yesterday! Six days after you sent it. I kept looking and finally decided you were really busy and then yesterday there it was. I have no idea.
Congrats on the media coverage. I was at PB today but didn't know where to go to look for any activity/nest watchers, etc. Had fun anyway and got some good photos.

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