26 August 2008

Perdido Key Bird Survey

The morning started beautifully with Mark's turtle run on PK, though there were no new nests today. Hope he'll be back from the fires next week so he can do the run for himself!

I have to admit, I'll miss his runs. Early morning on the beach is my favorite time -- what a great way to greet the day.

For some reason, this cloud arrangement reminded me of Van Gogh -- probably more so before the horizontal cloud crowded the sun...

Once the turtle survey was done, and the high tides were behind me, it was time for a north shore bird survey.

There were Black-bellied plovers

Brown Pelicans (check out the little ones in there!)

Great Blue Herons


and lots of terns...

even hungry fledges that still think they should be fed!

Nothing unusual today, but it was still stunning. I love Perdido Key!


kjpweb said...

Grin for the last one. I did some turtling of my own today.
Right next to 6 six line Hwy I grabbed a Gopher Tortoise, just before she was about to cross.
Drove her of to some quiet hills with lot's of space to burrow in!...
Got soaked, but was worth it! ;)
Cheers, Klaus

Anonymous said...

love ur pics!!! u r doing great things for our world!! thank u.
what do u make of some type of beach bird all the way up here in chattanooga tn???? i have a couple of photos, i am no biologist, but i know they belong on the shore, not the mountain!!

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