28 August 2008

Turtle Swimming Lessons!

Six more little loggerheads went for a long swim this morning.

This nest full of brothers and sisters hatched this weekend, but the stragglers are still not all ready - the last two will head for the sea tonight.

I can understand why they may pause after being washed by their first wave.

You can see where this little one was sitting still in the sand when a wave washed him a few minutes earlier -- it's like a turtle snow angel in the sand!

These two seem to be having a chat, strategizing their route through the wild ocean.

Can you imagine their journey, from hole in the ground to open sandy beach to gulf surf in just an hour's time? That's one rough first step!

I wonder if he's picked his head up to smell the salty air, to see the Gulf, or to practice his breathing technique -- they have to pick up their heads for air once they start swimming.

Plus, they will have to swim for 20 to 35 years before reaching maturity and taking another walk on land (if they're female). That's quite a commitment!

I would rest for a minute before that swim too!


Shahana said...

It's beautiful!

Shahana said...

wow, they looks very beautiful.

kjpweb said...

It must be great to witness that - and you can do that so often! (envious photog here!;))
Thank you for sharing and Cheers, Klaus

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